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Crop Breeding Institute (CBI) falls under the Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development’s (MAMID) in the Department of Research and Specialist Services, Crops Research Division. It is the government arm responsible for breeding and maintaining 13 field crop varieties as well as availing breeder’s seed for the 13 crop varieties to seed companies for further multiplication and certification. The institute has over 100 year’s crop variety development history since its inception in 1909. CBI has channelled more than 150 crop varieties of different crops on the market to date and some of the varieties have been market movers.The institute's research programmes are divided into 4 major clusters according to crop type and primary use and some of them are shown below.Renowned varieties include SR52, R201,Read More on Crop Breeding Institute Read More


The breeding programme is manned by two research officers. Current breeding objectives include high grain yielding ability under stress and optimum growing condition, early to medium maturity, resistance.Read More on  Read More


Common bean, cowpea and bambara nut constitute the pulses programme and research agenda for these crops is directed by two research officers. Research objectives for bambara nut include high yielding ability (> 1000kg/ha) under farmer conditions,.Read More on Pulses


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OilSeeds Breeding

Oilseeds programme is made up of sunflower, groundnuts and soybean. Each crop is under the leadership of a research officer. Breeding objectives for groundnuts include high yield potential, high oil content (>40%),. Read more on Oil Seeds

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