Seed Services background

Seed Services is a government institute within the Research Services Division of the Department of Agricultural Research and Specialist Services (DR&SS) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation, Irrigation Development, responsible for administration of Seeds Act [Chapter 19:13] of 1971, Seeds Regulations and Seeds (Certification Scheme) Notice 2000, and Plant Breeders’ Act [Chapter 18:16]. The legislation basically regulates production, processing, labelling and marketing of certified seed in Zimbabwe. Read More

Variety Release and Recognition

New plant varieties that meet requirements of value for cultivation and use (VCU); and pass the distinctness, uniformity and stability (DUS) tests, are released and listed in the Second Schedule of the Seeds Certification Scheme. Registered seed companies produce certified seed for the market.Read More

Seed Licencing

The seed certifying authority issues different types of licences to seed traders and carry out regular spot checks to manage compliance to seed quality standards. Licences issued include:

  • “A” (Laboratories) – for entities in seed production and marketing.Read More

Seed Certification

All varieties of crops grown as certified seed (whether hybrid or open pollinated) should be recognised, and appear on the 2nd schedule of the Seeds Certification Scheme) Notice 2000. It is also mandatory that recognised crop varieties are registered before Read More