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Fertilisers, Farm Feeds and Remedies Act (18:12) of 1996,(Pesticide Regulations)Statutory Instrument 144 of 2012

The applicant for registration and importation of pesticides must be a registered company with warehouses (See below for warehouse specifications). The pesticides must be sourced from the manufacturer or their subsidiaries and NOT from hard wares, retail outlets or other middlemen.

It must be noted that all new sources of pesticides must be inspected by at least one officer from the Pesticides Registration Office before registration can be granted. May you also note that registration for all the chemicals is required before pesticides import permits are issued. Outlined below is the step by step procedure for registration of pesticides.                                                                                        

1) Identify the Manufacturer (Source/Supplier)

2) Obtain the following documents from the Manufacturer:

a) Letter from supplier confirming that they will supply pesticides to the company

   in question.

b) Material Safety Data Sheet

c) Toxicology Data

d) Certificate of product analysis

e) Sworn Statement of Product profile

f) Efficacy Field Trial Data from at least one country where the product is

   registered. This data should preferably be from a country with similar climatic

   conditions to Zimbabwe.

g) Evidence of registration of the pesticides in the country of origin and in at least

   one country with similar climatic conditions to Zimbabwe. The evidence should

   be in the form of registration certificates of the pesticides.

3) Apply for Experimental Import Permit (The quantity should not exceed 5 kg or 5

   litres, whichever is applicable). This is for active ingredient analysis and for

   efficacy field trials.

4) Send Pesticides samples to Chemistry and Soils Research Institute Laboratory or

   Tobacco Research Board for active ingredient analysis.

5) Conduct efficacy field trials.

6) For all pesticides, applicants are required to undertake three consecutive

seasons of trial work in collaboration with the pesticides registrar and Plant Protection    

   Research Institute officers. Trials should be conducted at approved locations or institutions by

   approved consultants.

7) At the end of the trials, the following should be submitted in dossiers for each

   of the chemicals to be registered:

a) A completed P1 (blank forms are obtained from the Pesticides Registrar)

b) Information in section 2 from the manufacturer and results of laboratory analysis as

     well as field trials’ data.

c) Draft Zimbabwean labels.

8). When registration is completed, as shown by the granting of a Registration

   Certificate, the applicant may then apply for import permits.

9) It must be noted that the registration is valid for three years after which the registration

   needs to be renewed (see registration renewal requirements below).