Plant Characteristics

Ilanda is a Spanish type groundnut variety having an erect bunch growth. Plant and leaflet sizes are similar to Nyanda and Natal common. Its branches do not turn dark red towards maturity. Ilanda produces high pod yields of upto 4000kg/ha under rainfed, warmer and drier production conditions. It has mainly 2 seeded pods (and single seeded pod 20%) with superior qaulity kernels. The seeds are pale and not dormant at maturity so they sprout if lifting is delayed upon maturity. Ilanda’s pods have a moderately slight pod constriction. It takes 90-100 days in lowveld and 100 – 120 days in High/Middleveld. The short growing time allows the variety to avoid drought. Although symptoms of Cercospora leafspot are visible on Ilanda particularly at latter growth stages, the variety has a high degree of esacape such that it gives better yields than other varieties in the presence of high disease pressure. Ilanda has weak pod attachment, making it difficult to lift the plant by hand particularly in heavy and dry soils.

Table 1: Summary of characteristics of Ilanda

Botanical group

Seed colour Pale
Growth habit Open bunch
Shelling % 72

Days to maturity


High/Middle veld



Defoliation at lifting % 85
Sound mature kernels (%) 72
% Crude protein 29.67
% Fat 39.08
Oleic:Linoleic ratio 1.1
Seed size 315/100g

Potential yield  (kg)





Days to first flowering 34
% seed >17/64” 60
Use Confectionery
Production recommendation Suitable in rainfed, warmer, drier areas of the country particularly NR IV.

*Accuracy of information:

The information is based on average perfomance from extensive research and field observations obtained over a range of seasons, sites, climatic and soil types.. Perfomance descriptions given assume that the crop is well managed according to the recommended production practices. The information is accurate as at time of publication, June 2015.