Livestock and Pastures Research Division


The division generates appropriate and sustainable management technologies to support livestock productivity and production. The portfolio also includes research on pastures, forages (both planted and those naturally found in the rangelands) and cost effective feed formulations in support of the agricultural industry.

Major Functions

  1. Conduct research and develop appropriate and sustainable technologies for livestock production in intensive, semi-intensive and extensive systems in the

different agro-ecological zones

  1. Conduct analyses of constraints, challenges and opportunities for animal production and formulate appropriate research priorities and programmes to meet stakeholder requirements for information and technologies for animal production
  2.  Develop, produce, conserve and utilize animal and plant genetic resources for distribution to livestock producers
  1. Create linkages and smart partnerships with stakeholders in the agricultural industry to facilitate joint identification and responses to livestock production


  1. Disseminate and up-scale new technologies and relevant livestock production information
  1. Commercial production of agricultural products to generate complementary revenue to support research activities and maintain capital items and infrastructure

Human Resource

The institutes in the Division are manned by researchers who are mainly qualified in animal husbandry with varying levels of qualification from degrees, diplomas,

certificates and support staff with “O” levels. Staff competence is continually being strengthened through formal and informal training.

Major outputs:

  1. 1.Products developed for increased animal production and productivity in the various agro-ecological zones, through improvement in livestock breeds, nutrition , animal production systems, forage and rangeland production,
  1. Enhanced knowledge and information dissemination in animal production
  2. Value-addition to animal products
  3. Laboratory and analytical services for the farming community.

 Livestock Research Institutes and their Major Thrusts



Major focus

Institute staff establishment

Grasslands Research Institute


       NR IIb

  • Livestock nutrition
  • Forage development and multiplication
  • Smallstock research (Dorper sheep, Boer goat)
  • Conservation of Tuli, Mashona

Staff Establishment (whole institute):

0 Head, 5 degreed, 15 diploma holders & certificate holders, 115 labour force, 6 Accounts/Admin & HR

(Total = 142)

Henderson     Research Institute


         NR IIa

  • Dairy development, smallholder dairy
  • Forage development and production
  • Livestock development
  • Poultry development
  • Fisheries and aquaculture research

Staff Establishment (whole institute):

1 Head, 6 degreed, 13 diploma holders & certificate holders, 122 labour force, 4 Accounts/Admin & HR

(Total = 146)

Makoholi     Research Institute


       NR IV

  • Breeding and conservation of the Mashona cattle breed
    • Smallstock
    • Range management, forage development including agro-forestry

Staff Establishment (whole institute):

0 Head, 2 degreed, 11 diploma holders & certificate holders, 71 labour force, 2 Accounts/Admin & HR

(Total = 86)

Matopos  Research Institute


        NR IV

  • Crossbreeding of indigenous and exotic breeds
  • Conservation of Tuli, Nguni, Afrikaner, Sabi sheep
  • Range and pastures research (forage development in collaboration with SMRU and ICRISAT)
    • Livestock nutrition
    • Beef cattle production
    • Smallstock production
    • Draught Animal Power research
    • Smallholder dairy
    • Indigenous poultry development

Staff Establishment (whole institute):

1 Head, 9 degreed,20 diploma holders & certificate holders, 183 labour force, 3 Accounts/Admin & HR

(Total = 216)

Divisional Head Office

  • Harare

Planning, coordination, resource mobilization, monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects in the Division

Staff Establishment (HO):

1 Director, 1 Deputy Directors, 1 Accountant, 1 HR Officer, 1 Admin Officer, 1 Executive Assistant, 1 Accounting Assistant, 3 HR Assistant, 3 Admin Assistant, 3 Records & Info Assistant, 2 Executive Assistant, 1 Driver & 2 Office Orderly (Total = 21)