Chemistry and Soil Research Institute

Chemistry and Soil Research Institute

The Chemistry and Soil Research Institute (CSRI) falls under the Department of Research and Specialist Services (DRSS) in the Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanization and Irrigation Development (AMID). It comprises the Pedology and Soil Survey section, the Crop Nutrition section,Soil ProductivityResearch Laboratoryand Legume Inoculant Factory in Marondera, theSpecial Analysis Laboratoryand the General Analytical Laboratory.Below are some of the sections found under CSRI.Read More on CSRI 



The crop nutrition section conducts research on crop nutrition and soil management aimed at enhancing productivity of soils and crops. Such research includes studies on crop production ,soil fertility management, generation of techniques for improving productivity of soils and .Read More

Pedology Section


The Pedology and Soil Survey (P&SS) section conducts research on soil and environmental management. Such research includes soil and water pollution studies, soil-water-plant relationships under irrigated and rain fed conditions, soil chemical and physical degradation among others.Read More


CRSI Soil Productivity Research Laboratory

SPRL is a unit of the Chemistry & Soils Research Institute under the Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanization & Irrigation Development (MAMID). Read More