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A warm welcome to the official website of the Department of Research and Specialist Services, Zimbabwe. This website provides you with valuable information  on research-based technologies, technical information for advisory services and products for supporting enhanced agricultural productivity and the production of various crops and livestock (with the exception of tobacco, tea, sugarcane, pigs and forestry).Below are our core business functions

Trade Regulatory Support


Trade Regulatory Compliance Support Services and Related Research.

Crop Productivity

Research to support Crop Productivity and Production enhancement and related Specialist Services

Livestock Productivity

Research to support livestock productivity,feed resource improvement and related specialist services

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Grasslands Core Functions


Core Functions for Grasslands Research Institute

  • Research, develop and conserve livestock breeds, pastures and forages adaptable to Zimbabwe’s agro-ecological zones.
  • Conduct research for developing appropriate and sustainable livestock production information and technologies for farmer support.
  • Package and disseminate new and relevant information on livestock productivity and production.
  • Conduct training of extension agents and lead farmers to share information developed on livestock productivity, production and best practices.
  • Characterize and conserve plant and livestock genetic resources for future breeding, food and agriculture.
  • Provide testing and advisory services on animal feeds and animal management.

In fulfilling its core functions, GRI creates linkages and smart partnerships with stakeholders in the livestock industry.